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More then ‘just’ a handpicked selection of beautiful apartments, breathtaking villas & exclusive yachts in stunning destinations alone, your holiday will be special with #JAMES. My service driving concept, my unique network of local service providers, makes you become a local, without any effort, download my app, and experience the luxury and comfort of having a butler in an app.

Besides easily managing your reservation, get acces to my ‘members only’ offers, upgrade your stay with one of my on demand butler / concierge service. From daily housekeeping to restaurant reservation, from nanny to private driver, from private chef to yacht service, or just those favorite flowers to surprise you loved one. The possibilities are endless, flexible and always on demand.

The comfort of having acces to service when you need / want, is just a click away. My app provides you 24/7 a handy tool to request the service when you think of it without needing to call, just click, and your request is instantly communicated to the available service providers in the local network, all services are and always will be personally provided / delivered, the perfect combination of technique and personal, local service you give you the ultimate holiday experience.


your butler

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holiday rentals

 A home or yacht owner? offer your stunning apartment, villa, or yacht for luxury short stay rental, full service & care free via #JAMES the BnB Butler. Via my app you have full control & insight, accept or decline any request (so never pressure!). Curious what your future rental return can be? I love to make you a simulation.

As my guest you can book all my unique holiday villas, apartments & yachts, manage your reservation, as well as have full acces to  all my on demand concierge services and exclusive deals to upgrade your stay, to make it full service. 

Download your butler and experience the luxury of having a butler, full service luxury holiday rentals in just one app. No fees, no setup costs or monthly subscription, just service. Service makes people happy! Any Questions?

with a view

The attention you deserve! Everybody love service, my personal service makes the difference! My guest, home owner but also my (local) service providers, all love play there part. An unique service network, which provides you the full service experience. Every little details is as important as the other, just that extra attention to make your holiday unforgettable. A happy guest, makes a happy home owner, which makes #JAMES happy.

Offering my guests & home owners that wide palet of local service and expertise is the drive, the philosophy behind it all, always think in collaboration & combine expertise, instead of ‘competition’, I al always love to collaborate, to enrich my portfolio, service network.

just that little

extra attention

With flagship stores in Paris, Saint Tropez, Marbella, Knokke, Monaco & Lisabon, Baindoux operates in the same segment as #JAMES. 

As a guest of #JAMES the BnB Butler, you are a special guest at Baindoux, personal shopping & exclusive deals are examples how I offer my guests just that little bit of extra in the collaboration with this fast growing high fashion brand.

It started with a joke’ which became a reality, an idea to make a #JAMES Baindoux beach bag……at a beach in St Tropez, soon after the top designers of Baindoux in Portugal made the first drawings, the rest is (already) history.



Nothing better then traveling in all comfort and private luxury to your holiday destination with my private helicopter service? My network of charter companies provide you the perfect helicopter charter, no matter your destination.

A fully customized travel solution to offer you the maximized comfort  to travel from door to door. Any personal wishes during the flight or on arrival? Consider it done, besides the charter. order all additional services via my app to complete the perfect journey.

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