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luxury real estate

#JAMES Immo Boutique

the epitome of luxury living, where opulence meets unparalleled elegance. Experience the allure of exclusive luxury real estate promotions by #JAMES Immo Boutique, a handpicked boutique Immo portfolio, to offer you a premier gateway to coveted destinations from the sun-kissed shores of Ibiza to the snow-capped peaks of Verbier, to the classical beaches of Saint Tropez, to the flemish elegance of Knokke le Zoute.

Crafting dreams into reality, by offerings more than just off market properties for sale alone; I curate experiences tailored to your desires. Our bespoke approach ensures that every investment transcends mere ownership, becoming a testament to your distinct lifestyle and aspirations. #JAMES Immo Boutique is your link to my local real estate expert, with an international engaged network, with the #JAMES service minded attitude.

luxury real estate

SAINT Tropez

luxury real estate

luxury real estate

KNokke le zoute

handpicked luxury real estate 
in stunning destinations like Knokke le Zoute, Ibiza, Marbella, Saint Tropez, and Verbier! Personal attention, discretion and quality over quantity, are the backbone of the service, to  give you that unique selection of beautiful real estate no matter the destination.



luxury real estate


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Whether you are looking to sell your property or thinking about buying your next dream home, I love to hear about it,  a no nonsense, keep it simple approach is always included. My network of local experts, with an international engaged network, is your perfect match.

My full service property management app is a complementary service which come standard for all my clients. Unlock your care free connection to my network of local service professionals, for your premium property management, no matter the destination.

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full service luxury


More then just property management, but a premium easy going full service solution, to ensure you the maximum service from door to door. Personal attention, an eye for detail and a service minded attitude, is the drive. Any customization is possible, an unique request? It is an opportunity, never a challenge.

A full service property management solution, ‘download your butler‘ and unlock the comfort of having a butler, no matter where your go.

luxury real estate


luxury real estate


luxury real estate


great minds think alike


Handpicked off market luxury real estate opportunities in stunning destinations. A small, high quality portfolio to match my rental portfolio, with the online promotional attention it deserves. 

Provide an extra service for my current client base, to connect them with the perfect local expert, to find the desired investment opportunity. 

Service minded? No nonsense attitude and a passion for high quality real estate. Join my Boutique Immo network, drop me your email and let’s explore a collab.

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