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#JAMES believes that making a reservation should be as easy possible. Flexibility is paramount, therefor every request for a non binding offer via www.bnbbutler.be or the #JAMES app can be made without a creditcard or deposit. #JAMES also advertises on the commercial booking site (including Booking.com / AirBnB / Expedia / VrBo / FeWo direct etc). These internal terms & conditions are always leading in reference to conditions of external commercial booking sites. No rights can be derived from terms and conditions of external booking sites.

At first #JAMES will make a non binding offer available on the dashboard of your personal account in the #JAMES app. Offers always include post check-out housekeeping and linnen and towel service. Bedlinnen and towels are provided for the amount of guest agreed in the offer.

A non binding ofer always has to be approved by the owner of the accommodation. The same moment a non binding offer is made available to a guest, the owner is notified of this of in the #JAMES app as well. He has the possibility to accept, decline or propose an alternative offer. If the owner accepts an offer, the status of the non binding offer changes from new to confirmed. The #JAMES app will notify the guest via a push message in the app as well as a reminder in the dashboard of the guest.

When a non binding offer has gotten the status confirmed, the guest can finalize the reservation by completing the pre check-in in the #JAMES app. This proces includes confirming these reservation and booking conditions, upload a valid ID or pasport of the booker, as well as register the invoice details. After completing the pre check-in the non binding offer gets the status checked in and the offer is a binding one. As long the pre check-in is not completed, the offered accommodation can be offered or be available for requests for other guests.

Short after completing the pre check-in, you will receive the invoice via email. Only payments via banktransfer are accepted. Cash payments are never accepted. It is possible to address the invoice to a company, only when the correct business details included the VAT details are registered during the pre check-in. NOTE when the invoice is addressed to a company, 21% VAT is added on top of the amount of rent part of the reservation. When billed to a private person, short stay rent is 0% VAT, when billed to a company, due to VAT rules 21% has to be added.

Only after the total amount of the invoice for the reservation is paid in full, a guest can claim rights based on the reservation. Never a situation will, or can occur, that a renegotiation of conditions can be made by a guest. #JAMES provides within the app, on it’s websites, socials as much as photo’s, films and artwork about a property, so a guest can make up his or her mind whether an offer is worth it. 

Invoices have to paid in full within the payment period as mentioned on the invoice. 

account holder – JAMES bv
account number – BE18001919461965 (BNP Paribas Fortis | Bic. GEBABEBB)
payment reference. – invoice number

#JAMES understands that plans can change. You can cancel your reservation for which you completed the pre check-in in the #JAMES app, or gave the confirmation via e-mail or whatsapp/sms free of charge (except for non-refundable, last minute & early-birds reservations):

up to 1 week before the check-in date (low season)
up to 3 weeks before the check-in date (high season)

The total cancelation fee is 25% of the total reservation amount including services and 21% VAT if applicable, and have to be paid in full accordingly to the payment conditions of the invoice send for the reservation. For the total amount of this cancellation fee, you will receive a cancelation discount code, which you can use on your next booking, so you can recuperate the cancelation fees paid. NOTE:

  • cancelation discount codes only can be used on reservations made via the #JAMES app
  • cancelation discount code is valid 6 months 
  • cancelation discount code  cannot be combined with other discount codes
  • cancelation discount codes , cannot be combined with last minute & early-birds
  • cancelation discount codes, are personal and not transferable
  • rates and conditions can be different, never a claim can be made for the same nightly rate or other conditions.

‘only the best for my guests’ I strive to continuously provide the highest possible quality to my guests. My housekeeping, once they finish their work, records their activities by capturing every single part of the rented property on film. As a guest, you can rate the quality of my housekeeping after check in, via my app, APPlause by #JAMES. After check in, a “rate my housekeeping” button will appear in the details of your booking, if you are not satisfied with how clean an item in the rented property is, you can disapprove that item, under the following conditions:

after rejection, my app opens your phone’s camera, and asks the app to capture on screen what you do not find clean (enough).
the app also asks you to type a description (instruction) of what you find not clean (enough)

These 2 conditions are 1 on 1 instructions to my housekeeping which will be automatically informed of this via my app, and action will be taken in consultation with you to resolve this to your liking appropriately. Questions and complaints about the quality of my housekeeping can only be taken into consideration if you have registered them via the app. If you choose to complain in another way, this does not count as an official complaint, and you cannot derive any rights from it. No comments you make about the quality of my housekeeping will ever be grounds for complaints with the goal the receive a discount or other reservation conditions. Remarks about the quality of housekeeping are always compensated by resending housekeeping, and let them correct what is wrong. Never a compensation is made in cash or discount on the rental amount. 

The person who made the reservation (=booker) is at all times be the first person personally responsible in case of damage or theft. The booker, and any fellow guests of the booker, must use the property with the upmost care and do everything possible to prevent damage, stains or excessive wear and tear. It is never allowed to take things, linnen, furniture or other items out of the property, this is immediately seen as theft and the owner will prosecute as such. Before every check in, an inventory is made by film, to document the state and inventory of the property. 

In the unlikely event of any incident, damage, accident or anything else, the booker is obliged to inform #JAMES immediately via +32467010638. In the event of damage, the booker will at all times be held liable for the damage suffered by the owner of the property. If the damage incurred during the stay cannot be covered by the deposit paid, the owner will hold the booker’s liability insurance liable, including the description of the place. At the personal check-out #JAMES will, together with the booker, check that the property is left in the same condition as the booker took it into use at check-in.

On every property managed and offered by #JAMES a minimum age is applicable. None of the properties may be used for parties, commercial meetings or other similar purposes. Also, the rented property may not be sublet, or the booking transferred. If it is found that any of the conditions set out in this Article are breached, #JAMES and or the owner shall be entitled to terminate the stay with immediate effect. In such event, the booker/guest will not be entitled to a refund or pro rata return of the reservation.

By completing the pre check-in in the #JAMES app, and/or by making the (down)payment on the underlying reservation, or by receiving the keys to the property rented, you acknowledge that you are aware of and agree to all these Booking and Cancellation Terms and Conditions, which apply to all reservations of any property rented through #JAMES. No exceptions to these booking and cancellation conditions may be made by a booker/guest unless agreed otherwise with #JAMES in writing.

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