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#JAMES the BnB Butler

una fina selección de hermosos apartamentos, impresionantes villas y exclusivos yates, disponibles para alquileres vacacionales de corta estancia en impresionantes destinos vacacionales como  Knokke, Saint Tropez, Ibiza, Marbella, Bali, Marrakechthe Alps. Una cartera cuidadosamente seleccionada para ofrecerle un alojamiento único y perfecto, sea cual sea su destino.

Más que un alquiler de vacaciones de lujo, mejore su estancia con mis servicios de mayordomo a petición y convierta sus vacaciones en un servicio completo. Atención personal, un ojo extremo para el detalle y una actitud de servicio, es el servicio de serie.. Download your butler, y déjeme proporcionarle la mejor experiencia vacacional posible

Saint Tropez

Experience the allure of Saint Tropez – a Mediterranean gem! Explore sun-kissed beaches, chic boutiques, and vibrant nightlife. Book your getaway today for a taste of luxury and seaside bliss. Indulge in the ultimate Mediterranean dream in Saint Tropez! Nestled on the French Riviera, this glamorous coastal town beckons you with its irresistible charm. Discover the essence of luxury and relaxation as you explore the captivating beauty of Saint Tropez.

#JAMES your butler in an app upgrade your stay with one of my on demand butler services via my app, Nanny? Private Chef? Shuttle service? Housekeeping? Restaurant Service?  Helicopter ride? The possibilities are endless!


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Experience luxury like never before in stunning destinations like Knokke, Ibiza, Marbella, Saint Tropez, and Verbier! Explore my exclusive holiday rentals and elevate your getaway with on demand concierge services, discover all destinations –>

get yourself a butler

guests love service, elevating guest experience by providing them high quality and personal service, is the a key factor for guest satisfaction, but. traditional concierge services are labour intensive, the solution? 

Download your butler today, my full service short stay rental app using the latests techniques, a fully flexible platform to rent out & offer guests a wide palet of on demand (local) services, provided by local service providers, an Uber like technique, applied to short stay holiday rental.

A fully automated short stay rental butler app for your apartment, villa, hotel, resort, yacht or private jet service? I love to collab, no monthly fees, no setup costs, just service! 

Let’s get in touch & explore a collab.

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